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While at Growco I was tweeting out the five shark points presented by Daymond John from Shark Tank. I was convicted to start tweeting off my Droid since everyone around me was doing it! Social pressure, I guess. But some of you have told me that I missed the points. I can barely type as it is – much less on a Droid. So here is the complete list.

Daymond John from Shark Tank


SHARK points from Daymond John:

Set Goals – Daymond set a goal to be part of the hip-hop culture and make a living doing it. He wanted to make a living doing what he loved. This goal propelled him forward. Zig Ziglar has a great video on goal setting. In case you are not familiar, he created the FUBU line.

Homework – Do your homework. Daymond explained many of the mistakes he made because he knew NOTHING about business. One of the things they look for when they grill people on Shark Tank is the homework issue. Do they even know what they are talking about?

Amore – Do what you love! No matter what, find what you love and go after it. Daymond made $300 million in a market that did not even really exist when he started. But his love for the market and the people drove him forward.

Remember you are the brand. At the end of the day, it is all about you. How do others see you? His example was that on Shark Tank, in the first 30 seconds when the people walk out, before they have opened their mouth, the team has sized them up, and knows if they will invest. They are reading the brand before the brand starts talking.

Keep Moving – Stop and you die. Sure you can take a break and celebrate success, but keep moving. You might end up moving in another direction like he is, but keep moving.

Shark Tank on ABC


Are you a SHARK?

Look at the list above from where you are. Daymond was not talking about starting a business, he was talking about living. How does each of the points above impact you and how you make a living? Are you a shark, or are you shark bait?



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  1. Joyce Betts

    I can’t reach you , but I will
    not give up, you are close to me in ATL. I am in AL. I really wanted make the meeting August to learn how to pitch my product . I have road blocks . Hope they can be moved
    soon. I have many products I have designed if I could get one , licensed, on the shelf or in the publics eye that’s the moment it start. I am positive they are needed. Help me
    find a way to make it happen please. Thank You
    Joyce Betts

  2. Dale


    What meeting were you trying to get to? You can email me directly at .
    In my view best way to get a product noticed is to make it and sell it – even if a small scale version of the main thing. As an alternative you have to be ready to go after people who can make it for you -and you have to be very patient finding the right people.

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