Taking Control: The Path to Hope, and Maybe Even Success

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You know that feeling of being overwhelmed. Your whole world seems to be spinning out of control. Things are coming faster than you can deal with them. Perhaps you have an illness, such as diabetes, which leaves you feeling hopeless and out of control. Perhaps a financial issue is hammering at you and you see no way out. It may be a small issue that has sent you crazy, but to you, it is not small at all.

The result of these kinds of pressures is often stress, anxiety, and/or depression. Your whole life gets consumed with the problem and the problem seems to get bigger. As my daughter said to me the other day “I cannot deal with one more thing or I will lose it!”

Gee, we all have problems. But have you ever noticed that some people seem to deal with them better than others?

I have observed three kinds of responses.

1. Hopelessness. Often no matter how trivial the problem becomes, we get hopeless and depressed. We basically give up, complain, and of course, whine so the problem becomes a problem to others also. This describes WAY too many people today. They focus their attention on the problem and how it limits their lives. I was reading about Jim who had arthritis, which led to being a couch potato, which led to being overweight and depressed, which led to heart issues. He felt hopeless and on the path to death. Others might have a job problem which leads to drinking, then leads to marital problems. One thing can lead to another (In case you weren’t depressed enough already.)

2. The faith of a child. This person I love and admire. They cannot seem to get rocked off their feet. They have true faith – usually in Christ. They can smile through it all saying “God is in control.” I am not making fun, I really do admire the solid faith of these people. But – I do not have it.

3. Take control. Then there are other people who take control. No matter the problem they seem to take the same path. First is stress and maybe depression for a moment, then like a shot of adrenaline hits them, they start to research the problem. They then develop a plan and take action. The outcome is to improve the problem – if not solve it all together. The Jim I mentioned was told of his heart issue was going to kill him. He was on the path downhill. He got busy. He researched his issues, developed a plan, and took control. The result is that Jim now is healthy. In fact, he goes by the name “Jim Healthy” now. He is now more fit than most Americans, and leads a full and active life. All about taking control! He is even making money now off of his problem. See myhealingkitchen.com for his story.


Which one are you? What problem do you have plaguing you? Try this approach and see if it gives you hope and perhaps even success.

  • Write down the problem in clear language. Be clear about the problem.
  • Decide on a goal to make it better.
  • Develop a plan and take action DAILY until you have licked it!

The end result is that you will likely wildly improve your situation, and you will feel much better about it all along. I would call that success!


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