017: Quit Letting System Thinking Define You [PODCAST]

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Are you in system thinking? Can you act outside the system? The system is the machine. It is the set of common thinking that becomes so normal that to go outside of it causes you to be weird. It is a trap, and most of us are in the trap. Here is how to get out.

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Signs of System Thinking

Here are system thinking ideas that I often hear and know not to be true.

– You expect your children to complete 12 grades of school before they do …..

– Your kids (or you) need college to survive today.

– You cannot raise your salary much since you work for a large company.

– You cannot raise your salary much since you work for a small company.

– It takes four years to get an undergrad degree.

– It takes 5+ years to get a PhD.

– You have to have debt to pay for school.

– Some things that just cannot be done.

These are examples about common thinking. They are about group think. They are about bureaucracy. They are about the system.

The system defines us. Not because it has to, but because it is the easiest thing to do. Sometimes it is common sense. Sometimes it is average. Sometimes it is by arbitrary design.

I like the system

Really – I like the system. Without a system, we might have chaos. We would not know what to expect. And, without the system – we could not shatter barriers and excel! Without the system, we cannot be winners.

So, I like the boundaries of a system because it is a challenge. I get to push on those boundaries and test them.

I like the system – but I still want to think for myself.


The System Podcast Notes

On today’s podcast I give three examples of people who have challenged the system. They were not intentionally challenging it – they just did.

First, is Dr. Josh Jackson. He is the engineer who refused to be stopped from making something happen by being told it would not work. He built the solution in a day.

Second, is the high school student I talked to today who is in calculus II, learning on her own and having fun doing it.

Third, is Cliff Ravenscraft (as an example of many entrepreneurs) who is earning more than ever before doing what he loves.

Fourth, is me recording this podcast from my car on an iPhone.

What is the point of non-system thinking?

The point is these are all examples of people with something they needed to do and the system (definitions of normal) did not stop them.

[reminder]What is the system stopping you from doing?[/reminder]


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