The Struggle for Independence

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The struggle for independence continues. Two hundred and thirty-seven years ago today, we declared independence as a nation. Independence takes energy and sacrifice. But first comes the decision to break free. Read these words of the declaration sometime today. Are we living this today? Do we still hold to these principles? 237 years ago the founders of this country made that decision and documented in these powerful words.

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Independence is a daily struggle. It is not easily won, but it is easily lost.

Over two hundred years later, many of us have fallen to a lack of independence. We have become slaves. Slaves to the easy. Slaves to the apathy. Slaves to the dollar. Slaves to thinking.

Dependence, or perhaps slavery, is often a choice. While there are times in history when people have been made slaves by force and no matter who you are – I bet your ancestors were slaves at some time, most slavery is a slow process of giving up freedoms over time.

Are you giving up your independence?

How many have you given up? Daily, we are giving up freedoms in the name of safety, comfort, and just plain inattention. It is a lack of responsibility on our part. After all, we are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We are the government. But when we the people fail to act on our own responsibility, we become slaves by a slow process of losing our rights day after day. Instead of being a nation of principles, we have become a nation of causes and political correctness.

So where have you given up your responsibility to independence?

  • Do you vote actively or do you vote by a party line?
  • Do make your own daily decisions about issues of YOUR government, or do you listen to the pundits tell you what to think?
  • Do you pay attention to what your elected officials (who work for you) are really doing?
  • Do you let them know when they are out of line?
  • Do you search behind the scenes of what the media and the loud groups have to say?
  • Do you fight with your words, your votes, and your concern for country and people?

For too many of us, the answer is no. And, in the last 20 years we have seen freedom fall. But, all is not lost. But first, we must decide. Are we willing to fight to be free?

Today the fight might not be with muskets and powder. Today it is a decision to be free and not slaves to thinking.

Where have we gone wrong?

The loss of freedom comes at the hands of what seems to be innocent decisions.

  •  We borrow money to get ahead, later to find ourselves trapped
  • We excuse the use of government spending when it benefits us and brought to us by our congressmen and senators.
  • We get more concerned about the causes of political correctness and lose personal freedom.
  • We turn our back when the government officials act in a way that’s incorrect, yet in our favor.
  • We align ourselves with people of causes rather than people of principles.
  • We expect and demand our government to take care of our every need.

Today we celebrate our independence!

Tomorrow, the fight for independence continues.

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