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In Seth Godin’s new book Linchpin he talks about the need to ship it! At the same time I see in Brian Tracy’s book Eat That Frog! the saying “execution is everything.” Both ideas are focused on getting things done – getting results. Talk and plans do not matter – only results!


The Speed of Nuclear

While visiting a group that does engineering for nuclear power plants, one of the engineers told me that things move slowly there – but he understands why. The consequences are just too big to make mistakes. I agree – I am glad they are methodical and careful. I am also glad those who design aircraft, cars, and other things that have the potential to be dangerous are also very careful.


But why do we assume everything is dangerous? Why do we assume everything has to be perfect? So often the difference between success and things never happening is the willingness to just ship it. Set a deadline and hold to it.


Often the hold-back is not about us waiting on a decision or working to make something perfect. Instead we are driven by fear. We are not willing for our “art” to be judged by others – so instead we continue to strive for perfection and procrastination.

What do you have you are sitting on waiting for more information, more tweaks, one more thing? Are you ready to just ship it?

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