Top 10 College Dropouts

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A friend sent this article from Time to me today that shows the top 10 college dropouts. While everyone is clamoring for college as a bare minimum to succeed – others seem to have figured out how to do it on their own terms.

While this list only has a few extreme cases – I know of many others who have done very well without the college degree.

Bottom Ten?

Of course if there is a top 10, there is a bottom. So, the fact is, not ALL succeed without college. But then again – not all succeed WITH college.

I wonder if the issue is college at all. I mean if a college has strong raw material to work with – they can do a horrible job and still have success.

My take on it is that some people will succeed no matter what! Some people do not let things like a degree or no degree stand in their way.

Too Young and Too Old!



I had lunch with Dan Miller some time ago, and he was just getting off the phone when we sat down. He was coaching a 55 year old in who had lost his corporate job and now no one would hire him since he was too old. Dan told me earlier that day someone was not able to get hired because he was too young!

Both men saw roadblocks due to something they had or did not have. Dan called them excuses for not succeeding.

You Are the Problem

I was reading this morning something written by Brian Tracy – and he made the statement that 80% of the factors holding you back and stopping you from succeeding are internal … they are in your head!

I have to agree! It is not college or the lack of it. It is not the degree, the school, your age, your experience, your lack of experience, your …… it is you!

I KNOW this is true for me – I take 100% responsibility for not making things happen.

[reminder]What about you? What holds you back? [/reminder]

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