The Door Man

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A man named Bill Price goes to my church. Bill greets everyone at the door every Sunday and has a passion and sense of purpose for this work of greeting. Now there are a lot of people who “greet” people. Think of Wal-Mart greeters. But Bill is different. I stood at the door with him one morning and he told me about people who came to the door. He looked at them and their faces and tried to understand where they were. Were they happy or sad? Was something troubling them?

He told me his prayer was that God would give him the words to say to the people as they came in the door that would minister to their needs. Wow! I remember walking away from this unpaid and seemingly meaningless post thinking this guy really gets it – he has a true passion and a true purpose.

He is not paid for this Sunday service, but is well known for his service. In fact, he is so well respected and successful in his “work” that the entrance of the church has become known as the “Bill Price Lobby.” He is not just standing around; he is serving a mission and a passion.

These are just some of the ideas Dale Callahan  talks about in his new book “Company of One”, due out this Fall.

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